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  • Welcome to UnitedGaming RP!
    UGRP has been delivering a compelling, interesting, and fun online roleplay experience since it’s origins as an ArmA II Island Life community in 2012. Since then, it has come a long way. We have went through many phases, especially in the ArmA III Life community. As a newcomer to the FiveM community, UnitedGaming hopes to produce the same environment as it has in the past.

    Why should I join UnitedGaming?
    UnitedGaming is run by two people with over 16 cumulative years of experience in the administration, development, and balancing of roleplaying communities. Our rules are not many, yet are enough to get the important points across. Unlike almost all other whitelsited FiveM communities, we have a separate staff and department model of administration; in essence, our community rules are separate from our departmental rules.

    How can I join?
    Joining the community is a very simple process. If anyone wishes to join or has any questions about the community itself, they may join our discord HERE. Once there, follow all the steps in the “getting-started” channel.

    - Must be 16 Years of Age
    - Must have a working Microphone
    - Must have a legal copy of GTA V
    - Must have a fully working TeamSpeak 3, Discord, and FiveM client
    - Must register an account on this website

    If you have any questions, feel free to join our discord and ask!

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